EU - C60 EUS EXERA Compact Endoscopic Ultrasound Center

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EU - C60 EUS EXERA Compact Endoscopic Ultrasound Center

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Here is what Olympus has to say about the EU-C60 Ultrasound Processor:

The EU-C60 is the first ultrasound processor in the world specifically designed for EUS-guided fine needle aspiration - FNA - that configure with an endoscopic system in a single trolley. The ultrasound centre�s sleek, compact design makes it easy to install and transport on your existing endoscopy trolley, while its convenient keyboard with trackball gives you versatile, easy-to-operate control over the system's many powerful functions.

Compact, easy-to-use processor for your advanced EUS-guided FNA procedures.

Colour Power Doppler - CPD -

Easier identification of blood flow at the touch of a button.

Display Adjustment functions

Images adjusted using eight-step display ranges - 2-9 - . Zoom images in or out, be inverted or reversed.

Image Adjustment functions

Three gain settings; GAIN, NEAR GAIN, and FAR GAIN are available. The OPTIMIZE functions allows B-mode and Colour Power Doppler - CPD - images to be adjusted in three steps: PEN - penetration - , RES - resolution - , and GEN - general - .

Memory functions

The Store Image mode allows for storage of approximately 120 images in the built-in RAM. The Cine Image mode provides you with a series of sequential images taken just FREEZE activated.

Power Voltage 120VAC/240VAC

Inputcurrent 0.6A

Size Dimensions Main unit 313mm - W - � 220mm - D - � 93mm - H - *not include rubber-foot

Weight Main unit 2.4kg

Classification Type of protection against electric shock Class ?

Degree of protection against electric shock of applied par Type BF applied part.Where no classification mark appears, the device is a Type BF applied part

EMC compliance IEC60601-1-2 CISPR11 GROUP1, CLASS A

TYPE BF applied part The instrument can safely be applied to any part of the body except the heart.

Monitor observation Display mode B-mode, Color Power Doppler mode

Display polarity Positive display only

Scanning display Convex, linear

Display range 2-24cm

Signal processing Beam forming Digital beam former

STC Near, Far

Measurements Distance Measures distance defined by the '+' and '�' calipers.

Area/circumference Measures area/circumference enclosed by caliper tracing.

OB calculations Fetal age, estimated delivery date, estimated fetal weight

Cardiac calculations Ejection fraction, cardiac output

Display Calendar timer Displays date and time.

Transducer name Displays transducer name

Optimize setting Displays optimize setting

Display characters Alphanumerics and symbols

Ancillary equipment Photographic and recording units Video printer - color/monochrome - , VTR

Remote controllers Foot switch

Other Current image selection The monitor display can be switched between external input image and ultrasonic image

Product Information
Product Name EU - C60 EUS EXERA Compact Endoscopic Ultrasound Center
Manufacturer Olympus
Mfg. Catalog # EU-C60
Specialty Gastroenterology
Pictures These pictures are for display purposes only
SKU eu-c60-ultrasound-center

Condition Pre-Owned
Overall Condition Like New

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 10 in


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